Business Intelligence Solutions

Enterprise Integration sells SAP BusinessObjects licenses in a unique portal solution. You will save money with substantially discounted business intelligence licenses and low support costs. Our expert MSA support services are uniquely suited to manage BI resources. And we help growing businesses move up the “Gartner BI Maturity Curve” from simple operational reporting to self-service, dashboards, mobile tools, predictive analytics and data warehousing.

In our partnership with global BI leader SAP, Catch Intelligence & Enterprise Integration bring the power of Enterprise Performance Management within reach. We offer onsite training, mentoring and support every step of the way.

EI & Catch Intelligence SAP BusinessObjects

The EI & Catch Intelligence BI Portal interface is simple, user-friendly, and easy to brand with your company aesthetic. It’s the perfect entrée to SAP BusinessObjects, as well as to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

You already have powerful intelligence tools at hand, but if they aren’t intuitive and convenient to use, your employees will opt for guesswork over analytics. Bridge the functionality gap with amazing, at-your-fingertips dashboards and interfaces in the EI & Catch Intelligence SAP BusinessObjects Enhancer Series.

Did we mention that Enterprise Integration deploys local SAP BusinessObjects resources to support semiannual User Group meetings? We also have proprietary SAP BusinessObjects solutions on-premise and in the cloud, ready for you to explore.

Catch Intelligence BI Services

Imagine “cradle to grave” technical and marketing resources that can measure every aspect of your company’s performance and other metrics. Imagine having access to these world-class enterprise-level tools at local market rates.

Now stop imagining and start investigating the customized business intelligence services that Enterprise Integration can provide via Catch Intelligence & SAP BO. Streamline your operations and get an edge on the competition.

Catch Intelligence Data Solutions

Data warehousing is nontrivial from the outset, and it only gets more complicated as you scale up. You need the right processes and physical resources, keen communication between departments, and sharp minds on the job. Any weak link can bottleneck everything. If your data isn’t stored efficiently, it can’t be accessed efficiently.

To transform data into insight so that you can make key business decisions without any delays, you need a personalized roadmap and the tools and resources that can get the job done. Data mining, analytics, reporting, and market predictions begin with effective warehousing. If your data system isn’t an integral part of your solution, it’s part of the problem.

Learn about EI & Catch Intelligence’s best data governance practices and full project life cycle support. Discover your weakest link. Then, let us forge it into something that can capitalize on your strengths.

Catch Intelligence Data Management

Sophisticated business analytics are turning over a new paradigm in business. Superior analytics can transform your everyday processes, predictive power, and responsiveness to previously unimaginable levels. You already have the numbers; all you need is the means to crunch them. With EI & Catch Intelligence data management tools, you will see opportunities in places you never considered looking. With the insights that only highly evolved data management tools can provide, cost-benefit analysis takes on a profound new meaning.

EI & Catch Intelligence services in analytics include strategy support, customer analysis, supply-chain assessment, human resources management, key performance indicators (KPIs), demographic segmenting, predictive analysis, risk reduction strategies, and much more. The possibilities are dazzling—and Enterprise Integration is here to help you harness your data without slowing you down.

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Enterprise Integration brings unmatched power and agility to your growing business with the help of Catch Intelligence & SAP. That should make the ROI calculation a no-brainer. Whether you are ready to get started or have follow-up questions, contact us today and let’s make your business even better.

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