Cyber Security Solutions

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffett, Oracle of Omaha

Cybersecurity is the biggest single challenge organizations face today. The digital environment has exponentially increased the rate of technology adoption.  While this new pace is exciting, it is also leaving people exposed and at great risk.  At Enterprise Integration, we don’t focus on FUD, “fear, uncertainty and doubt.”  We helping our clients understand their risks and implement the proper tools to them safely increase their speed.

Data Centric Security

Imagine a scenario where a data breech doesn’t not equal data loss.  Data centric security is a new approach to protect sensitive data end-to-end from the moment of capture, as it is processed and stored across a variety of devices, operating systems, databases and applications. This data centric approach helps enterprises neutralize data breaches by rendering data valueless, de-identifying data through encryption, tokenization and data masking. This approach minimizes the need for constant decryption for sensitive data elements in the enterprise. It is always-on protection.

There are four key use cases where data centric security plays a very large role:

  1. Compliance – We help reduce compli­ance complexity and simultaneously in­crease security because systems protected by our approach can be taken out of PCI scope up to 90 percent reduction, freeing up time and resources to do other things, like accelerating revenue generating proj­ects. This is at a time when compliance mandates are increasing.
  2. Analytics – Organizations everywhere want to harness the power of big data for competitive advantage and insights and we allow them to do this securely on sensitive data while addressing issues like privacy concerns.
  3. Cloud – Because our solutions have such broad system coverage, as I mentioned everything from legacy apps in COBOL to Hadoop and AWS, we allow enterprises to accelerate their move to the cloud.
  4. Storage – Data-centric security isn’t complete if you don’t address fundamental issues like protecting your infrastructure. Don’t keep the business critical keys with the data is like saying don’t lock your car and put the keys on the roof. Our enterprise key management solutions interoperate with HPE servers and storage and allow full sepa­ration of duties between

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Application Security

Securing the new perimeter has become critical. In the world of DevOps and the rapid growth of the app economy, the traditional SDLC has become rapid (Facebook releases every 10 minutes) and highly integrated (with Dev, QA and Ops now operating as one group)

Secure Development:

  • Find and fix security vulnerabilities during development. We show developers in their code where the security issue exists.
  • Market-leading static analysis technology in Fortify SCA continuously finds and prioritizes security issues as developers write code.
  • At DevOps speed, the feedback has to be continuous and frequent, which is why we’re now showing developers these security flaws as they type.

Security Testing:

  • For applications already running in your environment, or those that you bought, or that someone else developed, “The criminal marketplace has advanced beyond basic capabilities innovating and changing tactics every day. They are getting smarter, collaborative and highly motivated to gain access to information for profit, politics and corporate espionage.”
  • Dynamic analysis from WebInspect is an important component of comprehensive security testing. With this technology, we run thousands of automated security tests, just like a hacker would, to root out exploitable vulnerabilities in running apps of any time – Web, mobile and infrastructure.
  • Fortify on Demand enables continuous application discovery and security testing at scale as a managed service with no expertise required and immediate startup value.
  • All of this comes together through a discipline we call Software Security Assurance (SSA).
  • SSA is a systemic, programmatic approach to securing applications by finding and fixing security vulnerabilities throughout the lifecycle of an application.
  • Full-lifecycle view of assuring application security from the day an app is born or purchased to its entire lifespan in production.
  • Solutions and services that provide the education, planning, automation and governance to secure applications at scale.

SIEM and Threat Intelligence

ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) is a comprehensive threat detection, analysis, triage, and compliance management SIEM platform that dramatically reduces the time to mitigate cyber-security threats. ArcSight allows security teams to move from enriched event data, to powerful real-time correlation, use workflow management and security orchestration, and to triage advanced persistent threats to mitigation and resolution.

Powerful Real-Time Data Correlation – ESM allows for the collection of data and real-time correlation of events to accurately escalate threats that violate the internal rules within the platform. ESM is capable of correlating up to 75,000 events per second within an enterprise.

Workflow Automation and Security Orchestration – ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager creates an easy way for SOC monitoring teams to efficiently and effectively triage detected alerts through the ArcSight Command Center (ACC).

Multi-Tenancy and Unified Permissions Matrix – With multi-tenancy capabilities and permissions abilities, enterprises are able to use a centralized set of management abilities including rule-based thresholds and a unified permissions roles, rights, and responsibilities matrix.

Compatibility with ArcSight Data Platform and ArcSight Investigate – Compatibility with ArcSight Data Platform (ADP) and ArcSight Investigate providing a comprehensive suite of open architecture data collection, powerful real-time event correlation, and intuitive investigation to detect unknown security threats.

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