Data center solutions from EI Utah.

Compute Solutions

Enterprise Integration focuses on providing technology solutions within your data centers that will keep up with the digital age demands. Our focus is to provide servers, storage and networking solutions to optimize your hybrid IT environments as you manage and deliver on the premise, “build anywhere, deploy everywhere”. We lead with the OEMs that are in the upper right-hand quadrant of the Gartner Magic Quadrants relevant to your requirements. We have the expertise and references to serve commercial, SLED and Federal organizations across the U.S.

Our clients today think of data center technologies as some of the following. Our services include the following, but are not limited to:

  • Private or hybrid Cloud storage
  • Composable Infrastructure
  • Edge
  • Virtualization
  • Application Delivery

For data center solutions, the most important factors are usability and storage. Enterprise Integration specializes in both to deliver our end users with an agile and flexible data center solution that works efficiently. Composable infrastructure solutions deliver on the promise, “build anywhere and deploy everywhere”.

Part of the innovation behind our data center solutions is the powerful partnerships behind EI. We perform Edge computing to bring the ioT to life. Our hardware, security and other components come from top providers to deliver top management and security capabilities. Our two leading OEMs referenced by Gartner in these areas of expertise are HPE Aruba & Armis.

Virtualization is at the center of our clients’ data centers enabling automation, flexibility and tools to better manage and optimize their infrastructures. VMWare and Veeam allow us to bring on-premise, private and cloud solutions to the market delivering value for all industries: reduction of capex and opex, better utilization of existing resources, more efficient use of power and cooling, build agile private and hybrid clouds and enable the foundation of a software-defined environment.

Ask About Compute Solutions from EI Today

EI provides data center solution services to help our clients deploy elastic, agile infrastructure with application load balancing locally and across multiple data centers. EI’s core objective is to help organizations improve application performance, implement security procedures and institute server redundancy that is invisible to their end users. Our engineers have application fluency and understand the history and nuances of Oracle, SAP and Microsoft applications and many more.

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