Data Center Solutions

Data Center Management

Enterprise Integration offers a range of computing and data center solutions for you and your business. We serve commercial, educational, state and federal government organizations with top of the line Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software and Data Center Service Management (DCSM) solutions. Our unique suite of IT Solutions Integration and IT Hardware makes EI qualified to offer scalable solutions to any software or computing need.

IT Solutions Integration

Our team partners with enterprise organizations across the U.S. to evaluate, construct, and procure Servers, Blades, Storage, Networking and Virtualization technologies to ensure business applications’ performance optimization, helping to reduce overall IT costs and support short and long term projected growth.

IT Hardware

Reselling “best of breed” IT Servers, Storage and Networking from leading OEMs ranked in the upper-right-hand quadrants in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Renewing and maintaining proactive 24/7 onsite support contracts for our clients while reducing their overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Delivering High Performance Computing (HPC) & Visualization hardware infrastructure to support the needs of highly accredited engineering institutes and agencies that have establish nationally and internationally recognized leadership in visualization, scientific computing, and image analyses.

Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) measure the economics of your IT assets over their useful service life. Our team assists decision makers look beyond their upfront IT investments and assess all direct and indirect costs involved over the entire lifecycle to reduce overall TCO. EI provides local IT services to accelerate deployments of IT Solutions to reduce our clients’ overall costs in hardware, software, services and maintenance. EI partners with the leading manufacturers in APM, Application Performance Management, to recommend enterprise-level applications, testing tools, and services to help clients improve and automate mission-critical software applications’ testing and load balancing improving overall “uptime” of our client’s applications.

Client Advocate

EI partners with clients as a “diverse and minority owned” company to support the needs of global leaders in relationship management and customer contact centers around the world. As a diverse IT Supplier, EI performs market research to our global and federal clients to ensure competitively priced and “best of breed” solutions are procured in a timely manner. Our goal at EI is to consistently deliver accurate and timely quotations to support our IT Solutions’ needs globally.


IT Infrastructure

  •  Architect, deploy and optimize enterprise physical servers, blades and computing platforms
  •  Design implement and support enterprise and departmental backup and storage array solutions
  •  HP Software Solutions- Service Virtualization, Performance Center, Load Runner, Service Manager, Site Scope, Arc Sight ESM/Logger
  •  System Lifecycle management, asset management
  •  Deploy data de-duplication and disaster recovery solutions
  •  High Performance Computing – supercomputer architecture
  •  Virtualized and consolidate IT infrastructure/desktops in departmental and global data centers
  •  Deploy automated software testing and load balancing solutions with “off the shelf” and customized applications
  •  Design and deploy Integrated Networking
  •  Converged Infrastructure and Network Security
  •  Unified Communications, WAN Optimization
  •  VPN Security & Encryption, Network and Enterprise Secure Key Manager


Our team provides global product development and consulting services. Our team includes highly experienced certified consultants to deliver across many industries, commercial, state, local, federal and educational organizations in the U.S. and abroad. Our services’ expertise covers a widely diverse spectrum of capabilities. No matter what your business size or requirements of your legacy IT infrastructure, turn to Enterprise Integration for all of your computing services’ needs.

  • Scalable Database Solutions
  • Enterprise and Web Solutions
  • Embedded Software
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Java, .Net, Project Management
  • Business Process Analysis and Automation
  • Software Training and Technical Documentation
No matter what your business size or the requirements of your legacy network, turn to Enterprise Integration line of private and public cloud solutions for all your computing needs.
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