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EMC is a global expert in helping businesses small and large become more powerful when it comes to operations and information technology. Our tech integration services are geared toward enterprises in a variety of fields, including commercial, K-12 education, and federal, state and local government institutions of all sizes. Whether your company needs more robust storage and security solutions, big data crunching, cloud functionality, or infrastructure management, EMC has you covered with storage resource management software tools.

Looking for EMC Data Management & Storage Solutions? Enterprise Integration is Here!

Enterprise Integration partnered with EMC in 1994. We provide support for many of the largest EMC clients headquartered in Utah, and have ongoing executive-level relationships with EMC clients throughout the Intermountain West. Our deep market expertise in EMC public-sector client accounts extends back to 1989. We will help you seamlessly integrate your existing technology with the best hardware, software, cloud services, and data storage management resources available. By positioning Enterprise Integration as your single point of contact for your new streamlined processes, you take the pain out of powerful, efficient computing to gain competitive edge.

What Kind of Storage Resource Management Tools Does Enterprise Integration Offer?

Here are just a few of the solutions that Enterprise Integration facilitates via EMC technologies for K-12 education, commercial businesses and all levels of government:

EMC Storage Systems

The VNX Unified Hybrid Flash array makes it possible to configure a perfect-for-you blend of capacity, flash, and application-aware software. Custom EMC flash storage capacities allow you to strike a perfect balance of high value versus stellar performance. Never let workload limitations slow your business down again.

Gain the flexibility to deploy Flash according to performance, cost, capacity, and protection needs. Redefine the possible with the XtremIO all-Flash array—ideal for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), virtual server, and database environments. Revolutionize data storage with an elastic converged software product that leverages local disks to create a server storage area network (SAN). Leverage Flash media and deliver new levels of real-world performance and advanced data services for applications. Deploy an affordable unified storage platform for smaller businesses, with solution-focused software that’s easy to manage, provision, and protect.

Redefine tier 1 storage with the world’s first enterprise data services platform and enable a software-defined storage infrastructure. Get powerful, scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) solutions that are simple to install, manage, and scale—at any size. Connect your organization’s vital information quickly, easily, and reliably with advanced directors and switches. Gain high-performing unified storage with unsurpassed simplicity and efficiency, optimized for virtual applications.

EMC Converged Infrastructure

It isn’t enough to simply consolidate storage, network, and compute functions. Reinvent these functions by consolidating them. The fewer moving parts, the faster and more flexibly your business will perform and communicate — internally and externally. And that means you can stop spending your time maintaining your IT, and more time innovating. With EMC converged infrastructure solutions that are more cost-effective and more efficient than your current setup, there are no drawbacks to moving forward.

EMC Data Protection

The EMC Data Protection Suite expertly combines powerful backup and archive functionality with speed and powerful customization. With monitoring and reporting functions automated, you can get your IT employees looking forward instead of having to spend their time as sentries. Get secure cloud backup for all servers and computers of any operating system, and protect key data from loss with automatic or user-controlled cloud backups.

EMC Security

RSA, the Security Division of EMC, offers maximum visibility and analytics so that clients can quickly notice, examine, and eliminate potential threats. You won’t find a better set of enterprise-level two-factor authentication solutions on the market. Its intelligence-driven tools prevent online fraud and cybercrime on a high level.

EMC Big Data

Big data is the brain of your business. The faster and more rigorous its connections, the more patterns and insights emerge. You can’t guide strategy without a firm understanding of the information. But interpreting big data well also requires a personalized human touch. To know what’s possible, what can be done right away, and what should be prioritized in the future, there has to be real live intelligence behind your business intelligence. EMC’s big data solutions will show proof of value right away, and without disrupting your current flow.

EMC Cloud Computing

A hybrid cloud is a single platform that allows you to deliver crucial IT services to customers who are on a variety of technical levels and technology types. Its versatility allows for on-demand access to whatever you need, no matter where you are or what network setup or operating system is available. We can even hook up your own self-service portal to the cloud, while handing you highly granular access controls. And as you scale up, your operational costs won’t.

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