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Information Technology (IT) Maintenance Services

Enterprise Integration, EI, provides comprehensive hardware and software maintenance services, enabling customers to consolidate their IT maintenance services into one easily managed contract. A key differentiator at EI is that we work closely with your Original Equipment Manufactures’, not a third party. We take care of details to ensure our clients are supported at more cost-effective rates.

Significant Financial & Admin Cost Savings

EI pioneered these service programs with leading OEMs in the market more than 20 years ago. Our longevity in this market brings our clients a higher level of expertise to manage complicated maintenance service contracts across different technologies. EI’s renewals team has negotiated best possible rates on behalf of our customers for commercial and public sector organizations!

EI creates and manages a central asset registry for each of our clients, to simplify and consolidate clients’ IT assets maintenance contracts. Our maintenance contracts provide flexibility to our clients enabling them to add or remove assets as business needs change.

Simplified Renewal Dates

EI provides hardware site audits, examining the configuration and build of all IT assets, creating a central maintenance register. We offer hardware consolidation consultancy, providing customers with a consolidated single annual renewal date for all IT assets.

Please contact our team of IT Maintenance Experts to discuss savings and service improvements your company can achieve.

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