Cyber security solutions from Enterprise Integration.

Compute Solutions – Cisco

The most powerful business hardware in the world is as simple to use as it is powerful. Enterprise Integration is here to bridge the chasm between your needs and the power of Cisco, creating streamlined simplicity that will help to make your business thrive. Our high-level partnerships and personalized support will distill the knowledge necessary to harness the power of global business solutions.

Cisco Security Solutions

Attackers hungry for your data have more sophisticated tools than ever. Keeping up is a technological arms race-one that Cisco is right on top of. You need to be able to identify weaknesses, identify breaches, conduct a thorough cleanup if ever security is compromised, and if that happens, take your system back in time to before the problem occurred.

Cisco’s threat-centric security does all that and more, while remaining simple to activate and operationally transparent. Get protection not just for your server data, but also for all endpoints and mobile devices. Integrate everything with your existing system without a hitch.

Cisco Enterprise Hardware Solutions

Cisco’s hardware solutions are primed to turbo-charge any growing business. Enterprise Integration works with small, mid-size and enterprise clients worldwide to integrate Cisco routers, switches, security, telepresence, storage networking and unified servers into existing infrastructures. Your network can be optimized and automated to save on labor and other costs. EI is here to show you how, and to make sure everything stays up and running indefinitely so you can stay competitive.

No matter what kind of IT datacenter you are starting with, Cisco solutions are probably compatible to all endpoints within your organization. Cisco provides the hardware and platform; EI ensures it fits seamlessly into your existing network without so much as a hiccup.

Cisco UCS Solutions

The Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) server platform makes data center agility and efficiency a given. It was designed with mission-critical, memory-intensive applications and virtualized workloads in mind.

  • Cisco Intelligent Automation enables System Admins to “set and forget” automation rules for corrective actions.
  • Cisco has collaborated with NetApp and VMware to create FlexPod, a unified data center solution.
  • Cisco Vblock integrates networking, storage, computing, and virtualization infrastructure into versatile modular blocks. This solution uses new business-continuity technologies to make cost-sucking downtime a thing of the past-even during migration of complete IT workloads from one data center to another.



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