Compute Soltuions – DellEMC

Dell EMC is a global expert in helping businesses small and large become more powerful when it comes to operations and information technology. Our tech integration services are geared toward enterprises in a variety of fields, including commercial, K-12 education, and federal, state and local government institutions of all sizes. Our clients receive special discounts on Enterprise grade tier one servers and storage solutions. You’ll save even more with our annual Dell Renewal Maintenance Contracts. And our data center experts can seamlessly integrate Dell servers with your existing IT storage network.

Dell EMC Storage

No matter the use case or business demands, Dell EMC data storage systems help you do more, move faster, and perform better.  Connect, manage and protect your storage from entry to all-flash, software-defined to cloud storage.

EI can provide your organization compare flash, object and backup storage solutions. Leverage our testing capabilities to establish visibility and consistent service levels across diverse storage environments.  Align business requirements with the right storage architectures; all while maintaining data protection in virtualized and legacy environments.

PowerEdge Servers

Technology is a game of leapfrog. If you upgrade to today’s standards, your system will be obsolete by tomorrow. Future-proof your setup with help from EI and a state-of-the-art Dell PowerEdge server, built for speed and scalability.

  • Next-gen flash storage that can double your storage throughput
  • Processors with more cores and greater memory bandwidth than ever before
  • Flexible local storage with customizable densities, performance power, and capacities
  • Built-in Near Field Communications (NFC) technology-your machines talk to each other for instant pairing and modifications
  • Cutting-edge automation that makes management and maintenance a breeze, including firmware updates
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