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Powerful Analytics for Critical Decision Making

Business Intelligence BI combines the strategies and technologies used by enterprises for the data analysis of business information. BI technologies provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations. Enablement of “everyone” in an organization to make data driven decisions with real-time insights bringing data to life! As more and more data continues to stream online and it gets INTEGRATED into existing BI systems, the need for BIG DATA ANALYTICS platforms arise.

What Do Clients Expect From BI Resellers?

Representation of leading OEMs, domain expertise, staying power, trusted advisory role, integration of critical hardware, software, services, and investments in pre/post marketing and engineering activities to ensure success!

Enterprise Integration, in partnership with CATCH INTELLIGENCE, has fostered resell and teaming relationships with: SAP, Microsoft, Magnitude, Galigeo, EPIC, AXIOM, Informatica, HortonWorks, to bring the “Best of Breed” BI Solutions to our clients. Together our mission is to help organizations reduce cost while improving overall business performance. Our consultants are certified and experienced to deliver tangible results that are tailored to our clients’ specific needs and objectives.

Our team is technically proficient and possess a functional understanding of many industries. We specialize in: BI Assessments, BI Services, Strategic Planning, Development, Migration, Upgrades and Support, Consulting and Staffing, Managed Services Contracts and Data Warehouse Architecture & Modeling.

Big Data Analytics Platform of Choice

Imagine a BIG DATA ANALYTICS platform that supports on-premise global data centers, the elasticity of the cloud, Hadoop data lakes AND on “commodity” hardware….in WALKS VERTICA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of OpenText.

VERTICA is built to meet unprecedented speeds at Exabyte scale with analytics functions built into the core of its columnar database. In fact, Vertica integrates with OPEN SOURCE and KEY complimentary offerings via an adaptive and ecosystem-friendly architecture.

Vertica is a data analytics solution built to handle the largest and most complicated data sets while bosting the highest level of performance in the marketplace. With over 650+ Machine Learning functionalities built into the software right out of the box, it enables clients to utilize data in real-time giving them the power to become proactive versus reactive in all industries across the globe.

EI is a certified partner of VERTICA solutions in commercial and government organizations across the U.S.

Data-Driven Decisions

Don't settle for inferior analytic tools. Explore the power of enterprise data analytics.

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