Commercial Clientele

Commercial clients have traditionally been described based upon gross revenue and number of employees. Today, our enterprise clientele at EI are identified by growth in their markets, innovation, gross revenues, number of employees, dollars invested in research, excellence in customer service, national and global marketing, support complex enterprise information and business processes, in a variety of industries, such as, mining, education, food services, finance and banking, call center, retail and many more.

Our core values at EI are: Integrity, Team Work, Innovation and Agility. We assist our clients in executing their visions through our IT expertise, problem solving and implementation and support of data center servers, storage and networking; business intelligence tools; and CyberSecurity software and services.

EI Assists our Commercial Clients in Executing Their Visions

Expertise – EBay Executive Dashboard
CFO Marketplace had a requirement to take disparate data sources across multiple IT Systems and develop 12 KPIs in a few dashboard views for exec team to manage daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually separate from their central IT group who could not deliver in a timely manner. EI partnered with Catch brought BI Services team to architect a solution utilizing existing EBay IT/BI tools from MicroStratgey. Project delivery was completed in 12+ months; 600k; Customized Exec Dashboards via laptops and mobile devices.

Problem Solving
Barrick Gold needed secure desktop backups over 7,000 global desktops outside of internal IT infrastructure. EI partnered with Mozy/EMC to architect NA solution first using Mozy Secure Desktop Backups as an Annual Subscription that expanded to South America, DR and then globally to serve as desktop backups over three year global contract.

Concentrix – Supply Chain Resilience 
Global engineer leaves off critical part on new system refresh. Components are out of stock with Original Equipment Manufacturer. EI team is brought in, we search for the stock in all distribution facilities across the United States.  We secure the needed stock and ship same day at the client’s contract pricing.

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