In the past, if a server, storage array or network went down, it would often be catastrophic…in fact, the days of five 9’s in Disaster Recovery (DR) Solutions have faded!

Now, with today’s highly dynamic technology infrastructures, server, storage and network failures are no longer a death sentence. Today, business consumes IT resources via the cloud, virtual machines, containers and software defined resources, without end users knowing.

Servers are built for results at every scale and savings for every budget.

Storage is NOW open, unified and software defined to enable business to handle more workloads, more simply for any scale, performance or investment.

Networks are secure, scale-able, automated, campus, WAN, branch and SIMPLY continuously available bridging the gap between business and IT

EI STEPS in with…..


EI represents and resells Hewlett Packard Enterprise, DELL & Cisco, Servers and Server Systems, to include: Rack, Tower, Hyper-converged, Converged, Private & Hybrid Cloud Solutions.

Our demonstrated past performances, proven track record and references in commercial and government organizations bring value to our clients.

Pre & Post Sales Engineering Expertise enables our team to assist our clients innovate and deliver unique “game changing” impacts to their organizations.

A trusted advisor for our best of breed OEMs & Clients to deliver the most competitive IT Solution to meet/exceed requirements.

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Radically simple, fast, reliable, predictive? The best in breed Storage OEMs can help deliver 99.9999% guaranteed availability!

Storage solutions enable clients to utilize a single multi-cloud architecture to flexibly deploy workloads on flash, converged, private, public, hybrid, file and object level, VMs & containers.

The evolution of technology has “redefined” storage economics with scale-able products that allow clients to expand storage on demand and adapt to business needs while intelligently managing storage.

Entry-level network attached storage, backup and recovery and data protection storage, server JBOD storage and enterprise data center and cloud storage, to help you UNLOCK the full potential of your data!



The new era of networking empowers our workforces and fuels businesses with insights to accelerate the adoption of mobile and IoT initiatives!

Our leading OEMs provide industry leading campus core connectivity, simplified WAN routing and Software Defined WAN technologies to reduce costs!

Our network offerings enable clients to build small to large clusters using low-latency, high throughput 100 Gbps+ technologies within campus, data center and cloud-based deployments across the globe.

It’s about BRIDGING” the GAP between business and IT so you can streamline operations and facilitate innovation to the benefit of ALL!

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