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Expert security solutions for critical data

Enteprise Integration resells Gartner’s leading CyberSecurity Software Solutions from OpenText and Checkmarx. EI has an open, intelligent and comprehensive approach to “Secure the New” with our partners. Our mission is to help our clients unleash the power of new technology without putting their organizations at unnecessary risk!  Our expertise brings value to your security operations, data security and application security through the use of software technologies and services. Our team will assist in the architecture, selection, deployment and maintenance of best-in-class enterprise security platforms with built-in scalability and analytics to protect your people, infrastructures and corporate jewels.

Data Security

Our daily life, economic vitality and national security depend on a stable, safe and resilient cyberspace. Commercial and public sector organizations’ infrastructures are vulnerable to a wide range of risk stemming from both physical and cyber threats and hazards.

Sophisticated cyber actors exploit vulnerabilities to steal information and money and are developing capabilities to disrupt, destroy or threaten the delivery of our essential services.

Data security includes encryption, tokenization and key management for data de-identification and privacy. Securely meeting regulatory, privacy and jurisdictional retention requirements are top of mind for all C Suite Execs in all industries both in the U.S. and abroad. Voltage SecureData Enterprise, SecureMail On-Prem & Cloud, SecureData for Payments, Enterprise Secure Key Manager, Content Manager, Structured Data Manager and ControlPoint, help our clients protect what matters most!

Keyfactor’s PKI Solution

Keyfactor’s PKI and machine identity management platform enables government agencies and departments to issue, monitor, and automate the lifecycle of keys and digital certificates across complex, hybrid IT environments. Trusted by federal, state, and local governments in the U.S. across the globe, Keyfactor delivers visibility, governance, and operational efficiency.

Application Security

Application Security at the Speed of Dev Ops is the name of today’s game! Our partner Checkmarx is reshaping Application Security Testing by empowering organizations to deliver secure software faster! Application Source Code Static and Continuous Testing with highest adoption rates by software developers lowers our clients’ overall TCOs. Recently acquired “Codebashing Inc” is the #1 Solution for training your developers to TEST their own code for security issues thus allowing them to get INSTANT results and remediate issues on the spot, EVERYONE wins!

Fortify Software Security Center (SSC) manages, measures and integrates security for the entire software lifecycle for both public and commercial organizations. Fortify Static Code Analyzer, WebInspect and Application Defender provide a cohesive security platform meeting and exceeding the Federal Government DoD Application Security and Development STIGs. DISA encourages sites to deploy Fortify as early as possible in the application development process to promote the development, integration and updating of secure applications.

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